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"Are You Passionate About The Education of Health and Fitness Professionals?"

"Do You Want to Reach More Professionals and Increase Your Profile with Fellow Health Professionals?"

"Are You Currently Running Live Seminars or Selling Educational Products and Want More People to Know About Them?"

"Do You Want to Make Some Great Passive Income - even well AFTER Your Seminar is Over?"

If you answered "Yes" to any or all of the above questions, than I want you to apply to become a "thePTprofessor Mentor".

The "PTprofessor" program is a member's only website for health professionals that provides continuing education in easy to digest 15-30 minute segments of mostly video education - with some written content.

Paul Wright, Founder of

We already have a large range of video education sessions on the site including in-services and programs created and filmed during our 20 years in business, my own range of professionally recorded seminars, and content from some of the world's leading professional educators - including Craig Allingham, Trish Wisby-Roth, Robert De Nardis, Francine St George, Tim Keeley and Ian O'Dwyer.

However, we are always looking to expand the content range to include other topics and presenters to further increase the number of sessions available to our members.

To achieve this aim - we are seeking other high level personal trainers, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, educators, and surgeons to submit video content to the site - who will essentially exchange their video material for having their profile added to the site.

As a mentor your upcoming courses will be added to the "courses" tab and your contact details, business address, phone and website will also be added to the "mentor" tab - this will raise awareness of you and your practice, increase seminar registrations, assist product sales and also increase your profile with new professionals looking to work in high quality businesses like yours.

Benefits to YOU of being involved in
  • You will be listed as a "mentor" on the site - thus raising your profile with potential future employees and course participants.
  • The site will contain an "upcoming courses" page where you will be able to list any upcoming courses with a link to your course information page for FREE.
  • There will be links to more information on your other products and services that site members will be able to take advantage of and purchase from you.
  • By contributing to the "PT Rehab Forum" - another part of the site - you will also be able to raise your profile as an educator and employer to a large number of professionals.
  • All major contributors of content to the site -will receive FREE access to the program (valued at AUS $69 a month) for as long as your content is on the site and you are active on the forum/blog. Note - major contributors are those with 2 or more hours of content on the site, are active in the forum and/or deliver a large number of face to face seminars each year.
  • You will be invited to be an affiliate of the site itself - and make 30% on any membership fees that will continue to be paid to you for as long as your referral stays a member of the program - these affiliate commissions are paid monthly to all contributors - an excellent passive income stream.
  • Information about your courses and products will be sent to members and our database that via regular emails and newsletters that will further promote your services and courses.
  • All mentors necome a "preferred employer" with upcoming professionals - reducing the stress and expense of finding staff members.

What Content Do We Want?
The main part of the site is the Educational videos section - which provide online viewing in short 15- 20 min sections fast and easy download for time poor health professionals. The videos can be longer than 20 min as we will cut longer presentations into shorter sections for use on the site.

I am looking for video content in the following areas:

  • Sports conditioning
  • Exercise rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Health Business
  • General Content

Possible content you can submit to the site may include professionally tapes seminars, in-services you have delivered to your team, or home made videos of your favourite treatment and assessment protocols – whatever you think would provide useful and worthwhile education to your fellow professionals.

I am not as concerned about the quality of the actual recording (handicam recordings are fine) – however I AM acutely aware of the quality of the information we deliver to members of this program – so only exceptional and useful information will be approved.

What Do Mentors Need to Provide

  • 1-2 hours of high quality video content – sent on DVD for us to extract and load to the site.
  • Articles or protocols that you think members will find useful – these can be branded with your logo, contact details and can include a small “offer” at the end of each article – you may already have this content ready to go.
  • Shorter “blog post” content – that can be posted on the home page to increase our search engine ranking and further increase your profile – again you most likely already have this content.
  • Regular contributions and input into thePTprofessor “member’s rehab forum” where mentors will be able to answer questions from members and post comments.

If you don't have filmed content just yet - depending on where you live - we are also able to arrange for you to come into our affiliated clinic in St Leonards (Sydney) and present your content to their team - we will then record the session as a live "in-service".

Alternatively, you can record the session at your business and send us the final product for review.

As I said – we are more interested in great content than professional production.

General Conditions

  • You retain ownership and copyright on all material you provide this program
  • You can withdraw your content from the site at any time

I appreciate that some of you already have a range of video content – I do not expect you to allow me to post all of it on our membership site – however – I am sure that you have some sessions or content that will give our members a chance to find out more about you and what you provide them in their professional education.

You are basically giving the members a “taste” of your material and lecturing style – before they commit to your full course or program.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope you decide to take part in this great new education initiative for health professionals.

If you are interested in finding out more please submit a support ticket at

I look forward to receiving your content and material.

Best Wishes
Paul Wright
Director of

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