Paul Wright
There are Legal Risks to Being a Personal Trainer They're Not Telling You - Find out the 6 Proven Ways to Stay Out of Court

PLUS...Discover Simple Injury Prediction Tests to Keep Your Clients Safe and How These Simple Tools Can Immediately Increase Your Referrals and Income

Paul Wright is one of the worlds leading health and fitness educators. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) and a Diploma in Education (Physical Education) – so he knows the facts.

For the past 20 years Paul has owned Physiotherapy clinics inside fitness centres – and has seen it all in terms of dangerous exercise prescription and risky rehabilitation practices. Paul has been actively involved the education of fitness leaders having lectured to over 20,000 health professionals all over the world - in the areas of program design, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. He has also been used as a professional witness in legal cases involving injuries sustained in health and fitness settings.

A former Mr Australasia, he was awarded the 2002 Fitness Network Presenter of the Year and the 2004 Author of the Year.

In his FREE "Six Ways to Stay Out of Court" MP3 Paul will share with you:

  • Why health professionals and personal trainers are at greater litigation risk than ever
  • The simple question that will determine your level of risk
  • The 6 key steps to reduce your risk of litigation
  • Why the words you use can get you into legal trouble before you even start your session
  • How to prevent losing everything in a potential claim
  • And much more

You will also receive a FREE "Injury Prediction Tests for Personal Trainers and Health Professionals" pdf report that will give you detailed description of the best injury prevention and prediction test to not only reduce your legal risk - but also increase referrals, increase income and become the most respected trainer in your area.

In this FREE report Paul will share with you:

  • 7 of the best injury prediction tests for personal trainers and how using them can increase referrals
  • How using these tests will increase your income by making you stand out from other trainers
  • How asking the right questions can reduce your cancellation rate and prevent 85% of client injuries
  • 3 biggest things to look for in your initial assessment that can predict injuries - are you using them?
  • 9 keys to preventing knee pain with exercise - helping you become the rehabilitation expert and raise your fees
  • How using these tests can reduce cancellations and increase referrals NOW
  • 4 tips to reducing low back pain with exercise and how using these tips can increase your income
  • And much more

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What other Health Professionals have said about Paul's presentations:
(actual delegate feedback from the recent Filex Health and Fitness Convention in Sydney, Australia)

Awesome – will be taking on all of his advice. Has made me think differently. You're  Great” Emma (PT)

“Paul has as a better view of the industry as a whole – both professionally and personally than anyone else here” Scott (PT)

Absolutely fantastic – plenty to think about” Donna (PT)

“Paul Wright – best lecturer ever” Mark (PT)

Paul was fantastic – he kept the rooms attention for the full time – Great Job” Nadine (PT)

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