Paul WrightHow to Run a One Minute Practice - Paul Wright

In this 3 part presentation - creator of Physioprofessor and international health business educator Paul Wright - will show you the secrets to running a great practice in only one minute per day.

This session is suitable for all health professionals wanting to increase their understanding of the business of health care and the essential steps to growing and owning a great practice.

Here is just some of what Paul covers in this session recorded LIVE in Sydney:

  • Why health business owners feel frustrated, worried and anxious about their future and what to do about it.
  • How to free yourself from your health business so you do not need to be in your practice at all.
  • The exact seven secret systems that will add thousands of dollars to the value of your business and the same systems Paul uses in his exclusive private coaching program which owner pay over $1200 a month to be part of.
  • The most important system you can ever put into a health business and why it is so powerful at increasing team compliance, consultation number and profits.
  • How the colour of an anti-inflammatory tablet can show you how to grow your health business.
  • Why one of Paul�s private client�s admin team is terrified by one of his systems - but how it has dramatically increased profits.
  • Why your accountant is not the best person to tell you if your business is profitable or not and the fundamental mistake most health business owners make when looking at their P and L spreadsheets - assuming they even have one.
  • The one key factor that all successful businesses (not just in health care) have in common and why you need to know this.
  • Why the financial numbers you send to the tax department are not helpful in assisting you run a great health business and why.
  • How to know if you are paying too much in rent, if your admin costs are too high - and how your figures compare to other health businesses.
  • The essential discussion you need to have with all team members BEFORE they even start working in your clinic - and how failing to have this discussion can cost you thousands.
  • Why technical excellence in health care is not a marketing advantage for your business and why this is so important to understand if you want to be a successful health business owner.

Plus much more...

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