Ashley JonesBuilding the Physically Dominant Rugby Player - with Ashley Jones (149 mins)

In this recently recorded seminar - one of Australia and New Zealand's leading Rugby Conditioning Experts - Ashley Jones - will share with you the training drills, programs and injury prevention strategies he uses every day with his elite and junior players.

Here is just some of the content of Ashley's incredible seminar:

  • The number one factor that determines the success of your conditioning programs - and it has nothing to do with fitness or strength.
  • Catapult your players to a new level of performance with the exact "3 Phase" approach Ashley used to take the Crusaders to Super Rugby domination.
  • The "4 Decision Making System" used to increase player confidence and performance at training.
  • How to use the "High Mobility Circuit" developed at the University of Nebraska to improve player performance and reduce injury rates.
  • How to use a functional warm-up sequence to identify structural flaws in player's joint range and skill level.
  • Why many training drills make your players easy targets for astute rival coaches and players and the change you need to make in your programs now to prevent this from happening.
  • The key indicator used by one Australian Rugby franchise to assess lower body power and strength.
  • How to modify the standard Bent Over Row to make it more effective for players at the breakdown.
  • Why traditional periodization programs don't work in contact sport and are why most of these programs are not worth the paper they are printed on.
  • The single most important question all trainers must ask their players before commencing any training session - do you know it?
  • Ashley's famous "Speed/ Power Combo Program" and how it revolutionised the training programs at the Crusaders.
  • How over-speed, bungy and hill training can actually decrease your players speed and performance.
  • Exactly "What Works" for maximal strength, size and cardio vascular fitness for the modern rugby player - do you know?
  • The truth about core strength and footballers - and why many exercises are not needed or even counterproductive to good core control.
  • The simple test used to determine player burnout and fatigue - are you using it?
  • How a test level forward has not been able to do "Back Squats" for 8 years but still maintain his lower body strength and power.
  • Where to find exceptional training resources and programs online - guaranteed to increase your player's performance.
  • The non running based training program that gave phenomenal VO2 max gain to the players and the breathing method that contributed to it.
  • Why Ashley's "Beastly Circuits" will be in every rugby conditioning program he writes for the next 20 years and how you can use them today in your programs.
  • The only accurate predictor of player injury and how strength and conditioning coaches have actually increased injury rates in the Rugby codes.
  • The secret training methods used by Soviet throwers that can be used to help Rugby players increase rotational strength and stability.
  • The truth about altitude training for Rugby players and how to determine the athletes that will get the most benefit from this training method.

Plus much more...

Get immediate access to this session and over 60 hours of other incredible content from some of the world’s leading health and fitness experts by joining today.

Ashley Jones

M.Sc, Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Ashley has spent the past 20 years working with the New Zealand All Blacks, Canterbury Crusaders, Newcastle Knights, Parramatta Eels and Northern Eagles.

His knowledge of strength and conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation for Rugby League and Rugby Union Players is incredible.

What Attendees of this Exact Seminar Said After The Event:

“I first saw Ashley speak circa 1991, not only was he a dynamic and 'warm/affable' Lecturer, he was one of the most knowledgeable speakers I had ever seen. Fast forward to 2012, what has changed? Well I didn't think he could improve on what had gone before...not so, he is even more knowledgeable! He has also kept abreast with the times (whilst keeping his fundamental values) and his expertise is now greater and has a broader base. Put quite simply....don't miss this, you'll be behind the times if you do!” Clive Rodell, owner Clive's Quality Training

“Really like Ashleys lecturing style - simple, humble and knowledgeable” Nathan Parnham - Strength and Conditioning Coach - Sydney

“Ashley has been a teacher, mentor and industry leader in the field of S and C. I first met Ashley 10 years ago when he was my teacher at TAFE - I have since followed his work through DVD's and online information. I think he has been an essential building block of my career as a health professional” Fabricio Itte - TAFE Teacher(Sport and Fitness) Olympic Wrestling Coach - Sydney

“Informative and very in depth - unique thinking and ideas put into practice” Ryan Jansen PT Campbelltown

“Very useful info for rehabilitation and conditioning - well worth the time and travel” Tim Gray - Physiotherapist - Wollongong

“Ashley is one of the best presenters I have seen” Brice Johnson - Strength and Conditioning Coach - Sydney

“Knowledge is great and examples stand for themselves. Ashley is one of the best and his views and experience are very respected. I gained a lot and had my existing work re-enforced by Ashley” Don Singe - Strength and Conditioning Coach

“Interactive and extremely interesting - would happily come again” Hiram Brook - Exercise Biomechanist - Sydney

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