Strength Training for Sport Seminar – with Ashley Jones – Now Online from $4.95

In late 2012 – former Australian Wallaby, New Zealand All Black, Crusader, Newcastle Knights and Parramatta Eels Strength and Conditioning Coach – Ashley Jones – presented two incredible 3 hour seminars at the Wallaby Training facility in Sydney.

These great events – titled “Strength Training for Sport” sold out in less than 24 hours – so many people missed the opportunity to attend.

I am pleased to say that we filmed the theory part of one of these events and have condensed it down into a 90 minute presentation that you can now view online. Continue reading

Strength and Conditioning for Rugby Union and Rugby League – Update with Ashley Jones

Are you a health professional involved in exercise prescription
and rehabilitation of athletes?

Do you treat or work with Rugby Players or other athletes and want
to know “What Works” for size, speed and strength development?

Do you want to know the training secrets used by one of the world’s leading authorities in Rugby conditioning?

In April this year one of my resistance training gurus, former New Zealand All Black
and Canterbury Crusader Strength and Conditioning Coach – Ashley
–  presented an incredible seminar in Sydney titled:

“Building the Physically Dominant Rugby Player”

I am pleased to say that we recorded this great presentation and
it is now available to view for members of my and online education portals. Continue reading

Injury Prediction Testing for Personal Trainers – 8 Minute Video

Following up on my recent post about the lecture:

“Prehab – Injury Prevention and Prediction for Health and Fitness Professionals”

I have just addedd a short video below that summarises some of this great seminar.

You can see the video at:

If you are a member of just log into the system and you can watch the full lecture.

If you are not yet a member go to and join now to get immediate access to this session as well as another 60 hours of great online content.

If you are a Personal Trainer – you can also get immediate access to this session as a member of my new program.

In this program you will also get access to over 60 hours of online education, 15 CEC’s, and a PT Rehab forum where you can ask your most pressing rehabilitation and injury prevention questions.

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Ashley Jones – Strength and Conditioning for Rugby League and Rugby Union

Are you a personal trainer, fitness coach, or competitive Rugby League or Rugby Union player looking for unique strategies used by high level football teams to get almost instant improvements from their players…?

ThePTprofessor cameras had the absolute pleasure of recording an incredible three hour presentation by Australia and New Zealand’s Leading Rugby Conditioning Expert – Ashley Jones – where he shared the secrets to strength and conditioning for Rugby league and Rugby Union.

Ashley has spent the past 20 years working with the Canterbury Crusaders, Newcastle Knights, Parramatta Eels, Northern Eagles and now the Australian Wallabies.

Ashley has been instrumental in the increased speed and fitness of the modern professional footballer.

In this great live seminar Ashley shares the training drills and strategies he uses every day with his elite and junior players including: Continue reading