Injury Prediction Testing for Personal Trainers – 8 Minute Video

Following up on my recent post about the lecture:

“Prehab – Injury Prevention and Prediction for Health and Fitness Professionals”

I have just addedd a short video below that summarises some of this great seminar.

You can see the video at:

If you are a member of just log into the system and you can watch the full lecture.

If you are not yet a member go to and join now to get immediate access to this session as well as another 60 hours of great online content.

If you are a Personal Trainer – you can also get immediate access to this session as a member of my new program.

In this program you will also get access to over 60 hours of online education, 15 CEC’s, and a PT Rehab forum where you can ask your most pressing rehabilitation and injury prevention questions.

Full details and registrations can be made at :



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